Spell of the Candle

I found that someone had taken some material on my www.AradiaGoddess.com website and had used it on a French website "Les Sortes du Sidhe"

Apparently, Lune translated the material for use in "la wicca francophone."

I thought that was truely "magnifique!"--spreading ideas and concepts.

Thus, I have decided to add a webpage with an English translation of this "typical Wiccan candle spell" onto my Aradia website as well as giving the link to the French webpage.

Aradia "Spell of the Candle" to bring enlightenment
(typical Wiccan ritual)

I. Assemble your objects:
- White or red candle,
- Consecration of oil (olive oil)
- Tool to carve
- Vervain or sage

II. Prepare magical space.
a. Visualize a circle of light form around and invite the four elements.
OR ,
b. Cast a formal circle and invite the guardians of the four compass directions.

III. Prepare the candle:
a. annointing it with olive oil, AND
b. carve a symbol (e.g. crescent moon), letters (e.g. initials) with a pin or bolline, AND
c. Roll the candle in the vervain or sage

[You could also put the plants directly into a leaf candle wax: Place the chopped plants or reduced to powder, put a bit, roll it into a candle. In the case of a candle full, you can also place a few days earlier in a tissue or a piece of Sopalin, dotted with plants. When wrapped in cloth, soak the candle fragrance of plants.]

IV. Invoking a deity Aradia as Goddess of the moon, to enlighten our spiritual path

V. Visualize the goal in the mind and load the objects with that intention.

VI. Light the candle. Repeat an affirmation to help you focus. Sybil Leek had a poem which served this purpose, but you should use something more specific, tailored to your goal, similar to the following statement:

Candle burn, candle bright,
Turn I now towards the light.

[Bougie brûle, bougie scintille.
Je me tourne à présent vers la lumière.

English translation:
Burning candle, candle flickers,
I turn now to the light.]

VII. Let the candle to burn for awhile. Then snuff it out. Do not leave a burning candle unattended. You may relight it each day at a particular time until it is burned all the way down.

VIII. Thank the deity, particularly Aradia, to whom you have sent your request. Over the days, your path may also become as clear as a path through the dark forest illuminated by the moonlight.

IX. Return to ordinary space.
a. Thank the four elements and see the circle dissipate, OR
b. Thank and dismiss the four guardians and formally erase the circle.

If you are interested in my orginal writeup of this example of a "typical Wiccan candle spell," please look at Moon Candle

For another example of Wiccan candle magic, see also Power & Strength Candle Magic

May 2009, Myth Woodling

Myth's Notes

I had created a little ritual as an example of "typical Wiccan candle spell" and attached it to the bottom of Moon Candle way back in 2003.

I simply took a basic Wiccan fomat and adapted it to petition Aradia for enlightenment in the path of Wicca. I suggested candle colors (white or red) appropreiate to the purpose of the ritual and magical herbs (vervain or mugwort) that were associated with the moon in western occultism. Dried vervain (Verbena officinalis) or mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) can be purchased from many magical mail order businesses and local magical shops in the USA.

The folks at Les Sortes du Sidhe (Lune & Artus) suggested "verveine" or "armoise." Apparently, "verveine" is "vervain" and "armoise" is "sage." Powdered sage (Salvia apiana) directly purchased from the local grocery store spice rack is a perfectly acceptable herb to use in this ritual, as white sage is also associated with moon.

The folks at Les Sortes du Sidhe also gave some advice about puting an herb directly into the wax of the candle. I have heard of Wiccans crafting their candles like that. Although I have made candles, I have never mixed herbs directly into melted candle wax. Nevertheless, I put a computer translation of that comment in brackets on this page for anyone who might be interested in such candle-crafting activities.

The couplet below is something I thought up as an example of a typically Wiccan chant or affirmation which could be used to focus ritual intent--much like mantra.

"Candle burn, candle bright,
Turn I now towards the light."

I've read/heard/used numerious things like it since the 1979. Shakespeare, it's not--but its short and sweet and to the point.

The folks at Les Sortes du Sidhe provided the following verse in French:

"Bougie brûle, bougie scintille.
Je me tourne à présent vers la lumière. "

A computer translation provided the following:

"Burning candle, candle flickers,
I turn now to the light."

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