Spice Rack Spell for Diana

To solve problems--espcially love problems--rub some lemon extract on a white taper candle carved into a female form. Burn the candle while invoking Diana.

Lemon oil or lemon verbena oil or lemongrass oil or van-van oil can be substituted for the lemon extract. The lemon is sacred to the moon and Diana., but most any lemonly scent can be used in its place.

The carved white candle represnts Diana, and is thus an offering to her. If you wish to purchase a white figure candle, you can do so.

Cast a circle by sprinkling salt water around yourself clockwise and over any items you will be using.

It is often valuable to likewise call upon the guardians of the four directions and then bid these guardians farewell and thanks when you've commpleted the spell.

Spin clockwise to erace the circle

Diana is a huntress. In your petion ask her to help you hunt a solution to your problem.

There is venerable tradtion identifying Diana with petitions involing love. However, do not ask her to make a particular indivdual fall in love with you. Unethical magical workings involving the Gods tend to ricochet in a most unpleasent manner. Asking a deity to cause "John in accounting" to fall deeply, obsessively in love with you is unethical, because you are seeking to bend John to you will. What goes around, comes around--as they say.

If you are looking with someone with certain qualities, Diana may be to help you with that. If your problem involves something other than finding a suitable compaiion, Diana may indeed help lead you to another solution. Always remember to focus upon for the good of all concerned, when you ask for Diana's blessing abd aid.

Myth's Notes

A "spice rack spell," also known as a "supermarket spell," ia a magic in whic the ingredients can all be purchased at most local grocery stores, especially the baking and spice isle. Both lemon extract and white tapers can be found at many grocery stores--as well as salt.

This spell may have old Italian roots, but in it present form it is basically a modern "kitchen witch" spell--with some Wiccan concepts added.

Though the Roman Moon Goddess, Diana, was identified with the virgin Greek Moon Goddess, Artemis, and absorbed many of her attributes, Diana was indeed sometimes associated with love magic.

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