Rue Candle

Rue has several magical uses--including prosperity magic. There is a "traditional" prayer to request financial or other assistance, which can be repeated over a candle scented with rue.
English version
My work is hard, but I'm strong and I do not complain
My rewards are few, but I treasure what I have
My needs are great, but my petitions are small
Asking only for what is just, I wait with quiet patience
Receiving in humble gratitude.

Italian version
Il mio lavoro duro, ma sono forte e non protesto
le mie ricompense sono poco, ma apprezzo che cosa i
miei bisogni sono grande, ma le mie petizioni sono piccolo
chiedere soltanto che cosa giusto, io attendono con pazienza calma
che riceve nel ringraziamento umiliare.

Verbally state your petition after the prayer and light the candle.

As rue-scented candles might be hard to find, you can also annoint a green or white taper with olive oil and roll it in powdered rue leaves.

Special thanks to Amra the Lion for assistance with the Italian translation.

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