Power & Strength Candle Magic

In the kitchen, take a white or gray votive candle and a small glass chimney/votive candle holder. Get white musk oil and patchouli oil and powdered cloves. In this spcell, white musk is connected to lunar energy, patchouli serves as a powerful earthy scent, and cloves relate to inner peace. Also have available a pin, or other item to inscribe symbols into the wax.

Sit comfortably on a kitchen chair. Visualize a circle of shimmering white light surrounding you and your magical working area--which includes the kitchen counter and sink.

Hold the candle and focus your intention to direct the energy into your core, or wherever it is most needed.

Using the pin, inscribe the following lunar symbol.

) O (

Inscribe the words:

Aradia, Powerful Goddess, powerful woman, la donna di potere

Say something like:
I align myself with the Goddess,
I align myself with Aradia,
I invoke the power of Aradia.
Rub the candle with white musk oil and patchouli oil. Then roll the annointed candle in powdered clove.

Put the candle in the glass chimney and set it in the otherwise empty kitchen sink. Light the candle and say something like:

Aradia, Goddess of Power, powerful woman, la donna di portere, I will the energy contained within the wax and burning flame to fill, harmonize, and restore peace in my being.

I am a manifestation of the Great Goddess. I flow with power that resonates from the smallest grain of sand to the brightest burning stars of the cosmos. May light and love surround me; may strength fill me and may I be protected in all my doings.

I bind this spell, for blessing and love, to cause no harm. So mote it be.

Relax and feel the positive energy surround you.

Visualize the circle of energy fading away. Leave the candle burning, but do not leave it unattended. Do some sort of activity nearby.

Myth's Notes

The purpose of this Wiccan spell is to draw strength from the Goddess in order to build up one's own power within.

Interestingly, this spell could be used to draw on the power of the Great Goddess of many names in her aspect of Aradia. Or it could be used to specifically invoke Aradia, Goddess of the oppressed, avatar of the moon. In Wicca, Aradia, like Diana, Isis, and Ishtar at other times, was viewed as the Great Goddess who absorbed attributes and titles of other female divinities.

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