Get a Job Spell

Annoint a white candle with olive oil. Light charcoal for incense, and sprinkle powdered cinnamon from the spice rack onto the lit charcoal. Invoke a higher power.

Concentrate on the sort or type of job you want, including salary, benefits, etc.

In one method, you could state this request aloud. If you wish, you might even add in why you need this job. Alternatively, you could write this request on a small slip of paper and burn it on the charcoal with more cinnamon.

Repeat this request daily for nine days.

Myth's Notes

In Italian folk magic, three pinches of cinnamon would be burned on incence charcoal while praying to Saint Joseph (San Giuseppe), patron saint of working folk, while also burning a white novena candle, annointed with holy oil.

The most interesting aspect of this Italian folk spell is its simplicity. Your average Italian would probably have both cinnamon and olive oil in the home already. If she or he practiced any form of folk magic, it is likely that some olive oil would have already been blessed and set aside. Likewise, she or he would have some charcoal, an incense burner, and some white candles.

If you don't own a charcoal incense burner, you can buy an inexpensive one at a magical supply place, or you can use a small clay flower pot. You will need to put a layer of sand, potting soil, pebbles, or clay dirt in the bottom of the flower pot or incense burner. If you have a metal incense burner, you ought to set a ceramic tile under the burner to keep it from damaging the surface it sits on. Metal incense burners get hot.

Use only charcoal designed for burning incense. Do not substitute a charcoal for grilling outdoors.

If you choose to use this spell, you could either invoke Aradia or her mother Diana, both of whom promise monetary aid to their followers. The spell is well suited to Aradia using a white (color of the moon) candle and burning incense for the prayer or petition to rise to her on the incense smoke.

You could also stick with Saint Joseph. Saint Joseph is also said to understand hard times, for he supported the Blessed Virgin Mary and her son. He also has a soft spot for parents working to support a family. Get a copy of his prayer at a Catholic supply store.

Saint Joseph is a favorite saint in Italian folk magic. As he is a carpenter and a house builder, he is also invoked to help sell a house.

Whoever you invoke for assistance, this spell will not work if you haven't filled out any job applications, tried to get interviews, or put in for that job transfer.

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