Moon Candle

To bless a special candle for spell work, take a hand-dipped beeswax candle appropriate to your purpose. On the night of the full moon, when the moon is visible in the sky, either go outside or look at the moon through a window. Hold the candle in both hands and present it to the moon, saying:

	Hail Aradia, queen of light,
	Stand I naked in thy sight;
	May this candle blessed be,
	Diana and Hecate! 

The Romans invented candles nearly 2,000 years ago. Before that time, people used oil lamps to light their homes at night.

The statement, "Stand I naked..." refers to being vulnerable and in need of the assistance of the Triple Moon Goddess.

Myth's Notes

I have included this unusual method of consecrating a candle, in spite of the bad poetry, because it mentions Aradia. Clearly, the concept is to absorb lunar energy into the candle at the floodtide of the moon's power. The mention of the "Triple Moon Goddess" refers to the three phases of the moon: waxing crescent moon (Maiden), full moon (Mother), and waning crescent moon (Crone). This construct is a Wiccan concept and, interestingly, uses the triad of Aradia (Maiden), Diana (Mother), and Hecate (Crone).

Diana was a Roman Goddess whose temple on the Aventine held an image that depicted her as a Many Breasted Mother. Aradia, according to Leland, was a Maiden figure in Tuscan witchcraft, and the daughter of Diana. Hecate originally was not Roman. She was a pre-Hellenic Greek Goddess whom the Romans later adopted into their pantheon. Although Hecate was a Goddess of witchcraft, she had several similarities to Diana. Like Diana, she was a moon Goddess who traveled at night with a pack of hounds. Both Diana and Hecate were assigned the title, "Trivia", referring to their threefold nature.

Actually, no one knows precisely when candles were invented or by whom. Some sources say they originated in Rome, but other scholars claim there is evidence that candles were in use fairly early in Egypt.

The phrase, "appropriate to your purpose," probably refers to the color of the candle. Different colors of candles in Wiccan lore are used for different magickal purposes.

Below is a fairly standard Wiccan list.

Color Summary

Red--life, passion, fast action

Orange--physical well-being, happiness

Pink--love, affection

Yellow--friendship, attraction, spirituality, healing

White--consecration, blessing, ALL PURPOSE

Green--growth, prosperity, fertility, health

Blue--peace, meditation, emotional well-being

Purple--psychic endeavors, fantasy

Brown--stability, strength

Black--protection, disspelling, breaking negative conditions, power-within

Remember, color symbolism varies from culture to culture and individual to individual. In Italian culture, the color red seemed particularly linked to good fortune (buona fortuna), prosperity, and joyful love perhaps through the color's connection to both red embers of a living hearth and the red life blood.

When it is time to use this moon candle, one should carve whatever symbols necessary and annoint the candle with olive oil.

Typical Wiccan Candle Spell
To bring enlightenment in the path of Wicca

I. Assemble your items:

Candle white or red, olive oil, carving tool, herb vervain or mugwort
II. Set aside magick space.
a. Visualize a circle of light forming around yourself and then acknowledge the four elements, OR
b. Cast a formal circle and call the guardians of the four compass directions.
III. Dress the candle by:
a. annointing it with olive oil, AND
b. carve whatever symbol crescent, letters your initials with a pin or blade, AND
c. Roll the candle in an herb vervain or mugwort
IV. Invoke deity
Aradia as Goddess of the moon to enlighten your spiritual path
V. Visualize your goal in your mind and charge the items with that intent.

VI. Light the candle. Repeat an affirmation to assist your focus. Sybil Leek had a poem which served this purpose, but you should use something more specifically suited to your purpose, such as the following affirmation

	Candle burn, candle bright, 
	Turn I now towards the light.
VII. Allow the candle to burn for awhile. Then snuff it out. Do not leave a burning candle unattended. You may relight it each day at a specific time until it is burned all the way down.

VIII. Thank deity and specifically give thanks to Aradia, requesting that as the days progress your path may become as clear as the moonlit path through the dark forest.

IX. Return to mundane space.

a. Thank and acknowledge the four elements and visualize the circle fading away, OR
b. Thank and dismiss the four guardians and formally erase the circle.

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