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The photos below are taken from the Sacred Source web site, They represent various Godesses and Gods, which are mentioned in the Goddesses Dictionary, the Dictionary of Gods, Dianic Mythology, and throughout this web site. I own a copy of their beautiful Aradia statue. Of course, Sacred Source has many other beautiful images for you to peruse on their web site. As of this publication, November, 2004, all of the photos below are images sold by Sacred Source. It is unlikely they will discontinue any of their stock, however, it is my plan at this time to keep the photos up for purposes of illustrating concepts in my web site. Some of these images are recreations of ancient statues, others are recent creations by artists to illustrate old concepts.

The Aradia Goddess web site receives no financial compensation for providing the link to Sacred Source and information about their products. We are grateful, however, for free use of photographs of their beautiful images in this gallery.

Aradia Aradia
Strong, lovely, charismatic, the daughter of the Moon Goddess Diana. Her name is derived from Herodius, queen of Witches. A small pentacle adorns hem on reverse. [Copyright Abby Willowroot] 8-1/2 inches flax colored gypsum stone with silver-painted crescent moon.
#MWG $34
ABC's of Aradia: Aradia the Goddess
ABC's of Aradia: Aradia the Book
Feminist Dianic Blessing
Crescent Cakes of Aradia
Increase Silver Money
Moon Candle
Wiccan Ring
Spell Casting
Wiccan Offering
Farrar Alexandrian Invocation of Aradia
Aradia Chanting
Aradia Charge
Invocation to Aradia
Secret Story of Aradia
Aradia in Wicca
Italian Invocation of Aradia
Diana Huntress Diana
Shown here with her companion hound, she carried forth the legacy of Greek Artemis and Diana of Ephesus. The Huntress, she was also the special protectress of women. An elegant gift. 8 inch white marble colored gypsum stone.
#DH $34.
Goddesses Dictionary: Diana
Festival of Torches
Goddesses Dictionary: Feronia
Goddesses Dictionary: Dia
Spell to Attract a Desireable Lover
Other Divine Images: Diana
Other Divine Images: Artemis
Diana Wolf Diana
The woman who runs with the wolves. The wild Moon Goddess Artemis was renamed Diana, the Queen of Heaven by the Romans and, in Roman towns all over Europe, the chief feminine deity was worshipped by this name. Her fierce wolf hound tells us she was also a Goddess of Wild Places. [National Galery 1928] 9-1/2 inch pewter.
#DW $125
Goddesses Dictionary: Diana
Quotable Quotes: Cassell's Description of Diana
Other Divine Images: Artemis
Goddesses Dictionary: Lupa
Altar Diana Diana
Independence, courage and freedom. Serene, powerful and mystical, Diana is the special protectress of young women and mothers. [Copyright Abby Willowroot] 6-3/4 inches white antique stone color resin.
#AD $36
Goddesses Dictionary: Diana
Goddesses Dictionary: Primigenia
Goddesses Dictionary: Dia
Goddesses Dictionary: Egeria
Goddesses Dictionary: Fata Diana
Quotable Quotes: Dia Ana
Lemon and Pins
Attract Money Charm
Two Invocations from Leland's Aradia
Diana Ephesus Diana of Ephesus
Stately Goddess of the Amazons. Known as Mother of Animals and Many-Breasted Artemis, Diana wears a garment adorned with animals, a tubular crown and a moon disk. Her temple, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, was a goal of devout pilgrimage. [Meseo Nationale, Naples, 300 CE] 9 inch beach colored resin.
#DOE9 $39
Goddesses Dictionary: Aventina
Dianic Mythology: Diana Nemorensis
Goddesses Dictionary: Diana
Attract Money Charm

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