Feminist Dianic Blessing

To request a general blessing of good fortune (la buona fortuna), arrange seven mounds of dried vervain and light a white candle in their midst, saying:

"In the name of Aradia, la bianca figlia della Diana, la prima strega della mondo, daughter of Diana, the first witch of all the world, protect me from all evil persons, keep trouble afar, purify me from all fear and oppression. Instead, bring me freedom, inspiration, and good fortune. Aradia, bella Aradia, soprateio mi metto la lune. On you, I put myself in the light. I ask this blessing through the most powerful name of Diana, tua madre, la dea della luna, la regina della streghe, your Mother, Goddess of the Moon, Queen of all witches. Blessings be; blessed be!"

If you would like to request a blessing specifically for money, substitute a green or silver candle. Se la luna adorerai; tutto tu otterrai.

The vervain should be saved for incense, or herbal charms. Some should be scattered outside as an offering.

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