Rue Infusion

Make an infusion of rue by simmering, not boiling, the herb, bound in a muslin bag or tea strainer, for approximately one minute, or until the water is pale green. Use a ceramic, glass, or copper container to heat the water. Remember, herbal infusions should not be boiled in an aluminum pan, as herblore states that aluminum will impair the herb's virtue. Remove from heat and allow it to cool.

Sprinkle or spray infusion lightly around your house for protection.

This infusion is commonly known as Juno's Brew, but another name is Aradia's Brew.

If you wish, you may bless the infusion as it simmers with the following modern incantation.

O beautiful Aradia,
of the moon and stars,
fill this brew
with your circle of light.
Give me protection from all
baleful and malevolent forces
and grant me peace.
So mote it be!

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