Vervain Infusion

Vervain infusion, or vervain water, is used in bath waters to promote beauty, good fortune, and money. It may have been a key ingredient in the sacred hair washes by Diana's devotees. Vervain water is also used to banish unwanted spirits and ghosts. Like rue water, it is also known as Juno's Brew.

To make an infusion of vervain, take a half cup of dried vervain and tie it in a piece of muslin or cheesecloth. Pour bowling water over it and allow it to steep for about 10 minutes.

Once it cools, the vervain infusion can be used for a number of things, including offerings.

If you intend to use it in a bath, pour the entire infusion and tied up bundle of vervain into your bath water. After testing the water's temperature, climb in. Ladle the water over you as you soak. Use the vervain bundle to rub all over your body.

To use the infusion as a wash to clean negative energies from a building, mix it in a bucket of water with some white vinegar. It is used to clean thresholds, windowsills, walls, and floors.

Vervain is sacred to a number of deities, including Aradia, Diana, Juno, Isis.

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