Spell for Those Who Merit the Favor of Aradia

Whatever a thing should be asked of the spirit of Aradia, that should be granted to those who merit her favor.

"Thus do I seek Aradia, Aradia, Aradia, Aradia! At midnight, at midnight, at midnight, I go into a field, and with me I have water, wine, and salt, I bear water, wine, and salt, and my talisman--my talisman, my talisman, and a small red bag which I hold in my hand--con dentro, con dentro, sale, with salt in it, in it. With water and wine, I bless myself, I bless myself with devotion to implore a favor from Aradia, Aradia.

	Aradia!  My Aradia,
	You who are the daughter
	Of the oldest of spirits,
	Of the sun and moon;
	Your mother desired
	To make you a spirit,
	A benevolent spirit,
	And not malevolent!

	Aradia! Aradia! Much do I implore you,
	By the love which your mother has for you,
	By the love which I also feel for you;
	I pray you will grant me this favor
	And send me an omen if this favor be granted."

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Myth's Notes

This spell, as written, appeared in the Secret Story of Aradia, which I wrote in 2002, prior to creating this website. The spell is derived from the text in Leland's Aradia.

In order to perform this spell, I went to an open field at midnight during a Pagan gathering. There were tents pitched all around the edge of the field under the edges of the trees. At midnight, however, the field was largely empty and quiet. Most folks were at the dance up the hill or snoozing in their tents.

I brought in a basket a small plastic container of course salt, bottled drinking spring water, a bottle of wine, a ritual cup, a square of red cloth, cotton string, and scissors. I set the basket down. I turned and faced the moon.

I sprinkled a few drops of water on my hands and head. I poured some wine into the cup. Then I put a drop of wine each on my forehead, hands, and heart. [The spell does not specify how the practitoner is to bless her or himself with the water and wine. Therefore, I used something I learned in the Wiccan coven which I trained in back in the mid eighties. It was a common practice in that coven to purify ourselves with saltwater and annoint ourselves with oil prior to a circle. There was more than one method, but one standard form involved lightly sprinkling your head and forehead with water. Oil could be used to trace a pentagram on your forehead, but sometimes each participant put a drop on her/his forehead, heart, writs, and bases of the palms. As the spell didn't specify how to use the water and wine, I simply applied the wine in the same manner as oil.]

I poured some salt into the red cloth and tied it shut. I looked at the moon again and pulled out my handwritten note containing the words which are spoken during the spell.

I firmly clasped the red cloth with salt inside one hand and recited the words. When I reached the part which said, "I bless myself," I touched my head, heart, and hand, holding the talisman with my free palm.

After I finished reading the words, I opened my hand and showed the small red talisman to the moon. I visualized the power of the moon filling it. At this point, I stated my request for what favor I wanted aloud and concentrated upon it. I closed my hand again and murmured a binding over the spell.

I tucked the talisman away in the container of salt.

I then picked up the cup of wine and raised it toward the moon in salutation. I bent down and spilled a libation onto the ground. I stood up and drained the cup.

I gathered my ritual items back into the basket and returned to my tent.

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