To Appear Beautiful

Performing the following spell and wearing its attendant amulet will not only confer comeliness on you, but also impart to you the powers: bless or curse, to converse with spirits, to find hidden treasures in ancient ruins, to conjure the spirits of priests who died leaving treasures, to understand the voice of the wind, to change water into wine, to divine with cards (cartomancy), to know the secrets of the hand (palmistry), to cure diseases, and to tame wild beasts.
--Leland, Aradia: Gospel of the Witches
Just before the Witching Hour on a Friday during a full Moon, travel to a secret wood or outdoor field. Place three vials--one each of water, wine, and salt--close at hand.

Cast a circle sunwise. Fill a red talisman's pouch with salt, tie it shut with a red string, and clasp the bag firmly in your left hand. Adore the Moon, herself a mesmerizing Goddess of beauty. Honestly assess your physical attributes. How do you appear to others, how would you classify your style of movement? Do friends remark that you seem to glide gracefully through life, or are you often embarrassed when they note your marked degree of clumsiness? Contemplate physical changes you could make that might help you spiritually; for example, shy folks often overcome their detrimental body consciousness and increase their trust by working magic skyclad with others. Visualize actions you could take to alter your appearance for the better.

Slowly begin summoning Aradia with the following spell. Emphasize the incantation's repetitions, and follow the spell's dicates as they occur. For example, when it's time to say, "I bless myself," annoint your forehead or the area above your heart with the water and wine.

Thus do I seek Aradia!

At midnight--
At midnight I go into a field.

And with me, I bear water, wine and salt.

I bear water, wine and salt--and my talisman--
my talisman--
my talisman,

a small red bag which I hold in my hand...
In it,
In it, salt.
with salt in it.

With the water and wine I bless myself--

I bless myself with devotion
to implore a favor from Aradia.

Grasp your talisman even more tightly. Picture yourself becoming infused with rosy life; enjoying abundant, warm blood flow from within, and taking on a healthy hue--an inner mysterious glow. Mentally create a shimmery sheen of glamour just above your face and body. Empower your projection to be able to reshape any facial features you don't like-- recalibrate the distance between your eyes, for instance.

Dance to increase the power of your spell. When you feel you've raised enough energy, chant to activate the incantation at will:


I implore Thee--
by the love which your mother, Diana, bore for Thee!

And by the love which I, too, feel for Thee!

I pray Thee grant the grace which I require!

And if this grace be granted,
May there be one of three signs distinctly clear to me:

The hiss of a serpent--
The light of a firefly--
The sound of a frog!

Whenever you feel compelled to, discharge your will to be beautiful directly through the fingers clasping your talisman. If your spell is taking hold, it should feel as thouigh your power has sunk deep into the bag's conents without your having touched them. Thank Aradia for bestowing enchantment on you and then close circle. Watch for the omens that you requested to manifest themselves within three to nine nights.

Wear your red pouch as a necklace mojo bag, or carry it hidden in your purse or pocket. You will appear to others as infused with a rosy glow by day and irresistably enchanting at night.

To keep your glamoury intact indefinitely, magically charge your talisman once a month by the light of the full Moon. Should you ever need or desire to dispose of your talisman, throw its contents into water flowing away from you. Shred the bag itself into bits with shears, and respectfully return them to Mother Earth.


SPELL ORIGIN: Italian Strega, Celtic, and European magic
SPELL TIMING: Friday at the Witching Hour during a full Moon

INGREDIENTS: three vials--one fillwed with water, one with wine, and one containing white table salt, a red necklace-style talisman bag, and a red string ...
AMBIANCE: alone in a field or forest
SYMPATHETIC MAGIC: To attract beauty, you must project grace.

A basic form of matter and a natural preservative, salt has been used in spells throughout history to represent stability, endurance and preservation. In this spell, salt represents the element Earth. Matter and Earth equate magically with the body; therefore, the salt inside your talisman bag can preserve your body (for instance, you will age slowly), or magically alter your body's configuration into a prettier form.

Red is associated with the blood and blush of life, as well as the Goddess in her fertile mother aspect. Colors influence by proximity; the more you wear your red talsiman bag, the more it will infuse you with a rosy, mesmerizing glow that's irresistably appealing to others.

Three is an odd, therefore magical, number that in this case represents the archtypal prettiness of the Maiden, the ripe beauty of the Mother and the wild strikingness of the Crone.

Fourteenth-century Italians described Aradia as bella, "beautiful," calling her la Bella Pellegrina, "the Beautiful Pilgrim."

Reprinted with permission from Lady Passion and *Diuvei, The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells For Modern Problems, copyright 2005, (pp 330-333), Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
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