Transformation Symbol Charging Spell

Within an esbat circle in which the guardians and deity have been invoked, you may charge items, using the power of the moon to transform. Upon a piece of linen paper, parchment, or white cloth, draw a triangle large enough to contain the item you wish to charge with the power of the moon. At each point of the triangle, draw a circle large enough to hold a white candle.

Draw the symbol of Transformation inside the triangle. Set the item on the symbol.

Annoint the item with lunar water [or moon water]. Burn moon incense.


O beautiful Moon, Queen of heaven,
I pray transform this ______________
Even as thou dost change thy own form,
And give thy powers to this _______________,
As dost thou give light to darkness.
I ask this in the name of thy daughter.
Now form a triangle of Manifestation with your hands and draw the moon into the item. By concentrating the power with your hands, you will be able to direct the power into the item. Add whatever other verbal requests that involve the item being charged.

Remove the item and wrap it in red cloth. If the Transformation symbol is not to be used again, it must be ritually disposed.

Myth's Notes

This spell dates at least from the early 1980's and was originally referred to as the Spell of the Moon. I felt that title on a website dedicated to a moon goddess and magic was a little too vague. So I renamed it the Transformation Symbol Charging Spell.

The Transformation Symbol Charging Spell is another way to consecrate or charge amulets, talismans, moon wands, and jewelry with lunar energy. It uses a magical sigil, which represents the power of the moon to transform.

This spell could certainly be used to charge a Wiccan ring with lunar energy, as opposed to the method used in Wiccan Ring. The method here in this spell can also be compared with the method of charging in Moon Candle.

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