Litany of Aradia

Opening Prayer:
Aradia, daughter of Diana, Holy Strega, Beautiful Pilgrim, protect us from all evil persons and all evil spirits, keep trouble afar, purify us from all fear and oppression. Instead, bring us freedom, inspiration, and good fortune. In you, we put ourselves in the light .We ask this blessing through the most powerful name of Diana, your Mother, Goddess of the Moon, Queen of all witches. So Mote It Be.

The Litany

Litany Response is “Bless us”
Beautiful Aradia
Aradia The Faery
Great Teacher
Daughter Of Diana
Beautiful Pilgrim
Powerful Woman
Gracious Goddess
Queen Of All Witchery
Protector Of The Oppressed
Mistress Of The Worlds
Giver Of Life
Ruler Of The Sea
My Lady Moon
Crescent Moon
New Moon
Half Moon
Full Moon
Goddess Of The Moon
Goddess Of The Stars And Moon
Mistress Of The Ocean
Queen Most Powerful
Night Queen
Queen Of The Stars
Queen Of Earth
Queen Of Heaven
Queen Of Witches
Queen Of Secrets
Queen Of Spirits
Queen Of All Nature
Queen Of The Sun, The Moon And Stars

Closing Prayer:
Hail Aradia, from the Almathean Horn,
Pour forth thy store of love; We lowly bend
Before thee, We adore thee to the end,
With loving offering thy shrine adorned.
Thy foot is to our lips, our prayer upborn
Upon the rising incense-smoke; then spend
Thy ancient love, O Mighty One, descend
To bring us good fortune, lest we are forlorn.
So mote it be.

Used with permission from Northern Star Coven.

Myth's Notes

Northern Star Coven is an Alexandrian coven located in North Carolina, USA. I noticed they had a very nice website when I found it in 2006. I remember their website also had a very interesting "Wiccan rosary" which was used for meditation. With their permission I posted the Litany of Aradia on my website on January 12, 2007.

Their website no longer resides at the above address. I am leaving it up, because I promised I would when I posted the Litany of Aradia.

A litany is a ritual format which involves call and response. In other words, the ritual leader recites a series of words or phrases with alternative responses by ritual participants--usually in supplication or invocation.

This lovely Litany of Aradia was composed by members of the Northern Star Coven using the list of epithets or titles of Aradia I had created 3/3/05.

Epithets or Titles of Aradia

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