Praying to Saints and Folk Magic: Guardian Angels

If you are puzzeled by the title of this article, I am aware guardian angels are not saints. However, honoring one's own guardian angel is a form of Catholic devotion similar to praying to the saints.

In Roman mythology, guardian spirits were known as Genii (pural). The guardian spirit of a male was a Genius (Iovilis). The guardian spirit of a female was a Juno (Iuno, natalis Juno). This tutelary spirit appeared at the birth of the baby that spirit was supposed to protect. This spirit fostered growth, as well as intellectual and moral development and remained with that person throughout his or her life. How powerful one's spirit was seemed to be a matter of luck

On his natalicium or birthday, a man offered his Genius incense and three libations of undiluted wine. On her birthday, a woman honored her Juno with a triple offering of cakes and triple offering of undiluted wine.

The concept of the Genius spirit and Juno spirit seemed to have developed into the Catholic concept of the guardian angel. This idea was also embraced by western mysticism and occultism. However, the idea of a Guardian Spirit or Spirit Guide is found in several cultures and magical systems.

In any case, October 2 is on the Roman Catholic Church calendar of saints includes a memorial for guardian angels. Guardian angels are asked to guide, protect, and enlighten, strengthen, encourage and defend, console those who are in sorrow or deprived of health, foster intellectual and moral development, and draw the peace of God to their charges.

Both eastern and western Christian churches maintain that guardian angels protect whichever person God assigns them to and present that person's prayers to God.

There are many prayers that call to the guardian angels, some of which are in Useful Prayers.

Ocassionally, a white candle may be burned as part of Catholic devotions.

Below is a Latin prayer

Angele Dei,
qui custos es mei,
me, tibi commissum pietate superna,
illumina, custodi,
rege et guberna.
2008 Myth Woodling

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