Erodiade Regina

An interesting detail from a 14th century fresco in Varese,
a city located in Lombardy, northern Italy. It shows a crowned
Erodiade (Herodiade), "as white as the moon," who is supposed
to be the biblical wife of the Tetrarch of Galilee, Herod There
are speculations--and allegedly tradition--among some Neo-Pagans
and some Italian practitioners that the folklore surrounding
Aradia is tied into legends of Erodiade who flew with the Roman
Goddess Diana in the Night Flight, sometimes called by
folklorists as "the Witch-ride."

Charles Godfrey Leland in Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling,
1891 (p.37), refered briefly to the Italian legends involving
Erodiade and Diana as Italian witch queens who presided over the
night assembly:

In reference to the name was a great puzzle
to the writers on witchcraft why the Italian witches always
said they had two queens whom they worshipped--Diana and
Herodias. The latter seems to have specially presided at the
witch-dance. In this we can see an evident connection with the
Herodias of the New Testament.
Leland specifically stated that Erodiade Regina (Herodiade/Herodias)
presided over the witch-dance during the night assembly.

Even more interestingly, these speculations are often tied--among
some Neo-Pagans and some Italian practitioners--to possible
historical events in Italy during the 14th century.

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