What Would Aradia Do?

by Mad Maudlin, 1998

"And thou shalt be the first of witches known....
And thou shalt bind the oppressor's soul [with power]..."
	--Aradia, Gospel of Witches, 1899.

Diana, thru this day,
As I try to honor You,
Let this be my rule to guide:
What would Aradia do?

When an elder or child,
Asks for a moment or two,
May I think of one thing only:
What would Aradia do?

If a jerk cuts me off,
Or some oppressor steals my due,
Measure out this question wisely:
What would Aradia do?

When I'm feeling rather stressed,
By one who hasn't got a clue,
In the mirror I will reflect:
What would Aradia do?

Thus, when my day has ended,
And your bright orb comes into view,
I will plan my next day, asking:
What would Aradia do?

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Myth's Notes:

This bit of name lore is taken directly from Evelyn Wells, What to Name the Baby?, 1953.

Ara--Latin "the altar"; in Italian legend, Ara was the goddess of revenge. It is used as a combine name in several forms. [As a prefix or a suffix for both male and female names.]

Deanna--Latin "bright as day" see DIANA.

Diana--Latin "the divine"; The ancient Italian moon-goddess, Diana.

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