Charms and Sacred Jewelry: Talisman of the Moon

Talisman, front Talisman, back
Talisman of the Moon, side 1
Inscribed on white metal, this is a two-sided talisman. One side has a five-pointed pentagram with a crescent. The other side has a six-pointed hexagram with a chalice. A sign in the shop where it was purchased described its magical virtues. It brings wealth and aids the person wearing it in traveling, particularly journeys over water. The design for this talisman may originate from the Archdioxes of Magic. Planetary talismans of similar design are discussed on the website: Talismans of the Magi.

The moon is associated with safe travel in two ways. Overland, the moon was seen as a protector of travelers at night by illuminating pathways and possible dangers. At sea, of course, the moon rules the tides, affecting travel by ship.

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Safe Travel

Photo by Snook Family Photography

Talisman of the Moon, side 2
The reverse side of the Talisman of the Moon. The symbols in the hexagram points are planetary: Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, and Jupiter. The top point planetary sign is Jupiter. In ceremonial magic, these represent the genii or powers of the seven planets. The hexagram is symbolic of the macrocosm. It also represents the unification of opposing forces (above/below, yin/yang). The pentagram represents the four rarified elements of air, fire, water, and earth with the quintescence, or fifth element, spirit. The Talisman of the Moon depicted at the link website is very slightly different. The squiggly lines on both sides of the talisman are apparently from the Alphabet of the Magi. According to B.J., "Squiggly lines on talismans are usually letters either in divine names or names of spirits, etc. The website I linked to claims that one side of the talisman gives Gabriel as the lunar spirit, but you talisman doesn't quite spell Gabriel." (From correspondence on the UMBC Pagans listserve.) Comparing the Alphabet of the Magi with the squiggles on my talisman, the front side has NALEA. The obverse side has the letters GBAVTD.

Photo by Snook Family Photography

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