Prayers to Diana

O shining Phoebe and forest Diana, Lucidum, shining ornaments of the sky, ever gentle and refined, O sacred brows, give us what we pray for now.

Gentle Moon, Ilithyia, Lucina, by whatever name you wish to be called, Gentalis, watch over mothers, may You give them gentle deliveries.

Diana, who dwells on the Aventine and Algidus hilltops, graciously lend Your ears to the prayers of virile men and young boys.
--Horace Carmen Saeculares lines 1-4; 13-16; 69-72

Help me, Diana, for I am overwhelmed. Diana, I am Your servant, Your arms-bearer, to whom You have often given Your bow to carry, and who filled Your quiver with arrows.
--Ovid Metamorphoses V.618-20

Favour me, Goddess, lead me, and lend me your support.
--Ovid Metamorphoses VI.327-8

Come favorably, Diana, daughter of Latona, onto our undertaking.
--Silius Italicus Punica Liber XIII. 13.137:

You, O divine daughter of Latona, Glory of the Stars and Guardian of the Sacred Groves, be present, Diana, that You may succor us who labor.
--Virgil Aeneid IX.404-5

Grant me the strength, Goddess, to whom I ask, to whom I pray; extend Your assistance to me.
--Livius Andronicus Equos Troianos

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