Lemon Bath prior to a Full Moon Rite?

In sundry magic lore, lemons--cut, pierced, or squeezed--are used in various forms of spiritual house cleansings/blessings/protections.

In the USA, Lemon Pine-Sol--or any lemon-scented cleanser similar to it-- can be used in a floor wash as part of a spiritual house cleansing. Cory explained, “Lemons have a cut-and-clear effect on a space, and have long been associated with destroying curses and breaking hexes.” Cory also said, “Feel free to add some fresh squeezed lemons to your mop bucket for a rootsier version of lemon-cleanser.” See Cory’s Blog Post 113 – Spiritual House Cleaning below, but I’ve read this info on other sites about rootwork floor washes.  Apparently a person is supposed to use one lemon per 2 cups floor wash water.

In Sicily, a lemon may be pierced with nine nails and placed above a doorway as a prevention against a jettatore and the casting of the malocchio (evil eye). Charles G. Leland’s Italian Aradia (1899) recorded a protective charm which is more or less a pomander made of a lemon and pins.  Leland likewise insisted the lemon was used in the worship of Diana.

A few Neo-Pagan Witches will tell you, “Lemons can also be used to cleanse yourself before a full moon rite.” I have heard this from more than one person, but see Sarah Anne Lawless’ link.

I know some people do squeeze juice from one lemon to add to the bath water for a refreshing, cleansing cool bath experience.

However, lemon juice may be used externally on the body ONLY at night. It makes the skin photosensitive (sensitive to light). Use only fresh lemons, never the bottled lemon juice from the store.

Cautions about putting lemon juice on the skin:

Before trying to use lemon juice on your skin, conduct a patch test to make sure it's not too harsh for your skin.

One lemon can yield about 3 tablespoons juice. If you are taking a bath, you should probably not use more than one lemon per tub of cool water. A patch test uses a product in a controlled area on the arm so you can see if you're allergic to it.

Prior to dunking your whole body into water with lemon juice, follow these steps: Clean the inside of the elbow and rub some lemon juice mixed with water on the area. Wait 24 hours. If the skin feels fine, it is probably safe for you to use it. If it stings, burns, etc. rinse it off immediately--as that means that your skin is having a bad reaction to the lemon.  This discomfort is a clue from your body, do not take a cleansing bath with lemon juice. Do not use lemon juice on your face or hair as a beauty treatment. Do not use it anywhere else on the skin of your body.


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