La Figlia di Diana
Words in Italian and English by Lady Isadora
Music by Orazio Vecchi (1550-1605)
arr. Lady Isadora
© 1990, 2006

La figlia di Diana
Fa la la la...
É la bell’ Aradia
Fa la la la...

Regina delle Streghe
Lei incanta il mio cuor’

Se la luna adorerai
Tutto tu oterai

English version

The daughter of Diana
Is fair Aradia

She’s Queen of all the Witches
Enchantress of my heart

Whoe’er the moon doth worship
Shall gain her heart’s desire

“La Figlia di Diana”
from The Queen of Earth & Sky
by Lady Isadora
©1990, 2006
Dance of Life Productions (ASCAP)

"La Figlia di Diana" is exhibited here with permission from Lady Isadora.

Lady Isadora:

"In Lady Isadora's voice hear the singing of quartz bowl bells... an instrument of surpassing beauty with which she tells our tales and sings our souls." --GREEN EGG

"... soaring flutelike exaltation... lushly beautiful melodies combine with words of power..." --SAGEWOMAN

"... a Pagan National Treasure..." --Michelle Mays, FIRELEAP: THE BELTANE COLLECTION, et al

"... a cauldron of mixed delights and metaphors... Candy for the ear, intellect, and spirit." --Lord Foxglove, author of ADVANCING THE WITCHES' CRAFT

"Her pure soprano voice comes from deep within her soul... Inspired and fulfilling music, highly recommended." --HEARTSONG REVIEW

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