Krampus Cocktail

This Krampus cocktail was concocted by bartender Vince Favella at New York’s Ward III. According to the Alcohol Professor, it is "A frothy combination of Bourbon, Laphroaig Scotch, egg white, cinnamon, Cynar, and Zirbenz Stone Pine Liqueur (from the Alps, like Krampus), it’s a delightful but demonic mix of bitter, smoky, and sweet – capped by snow."

The Krampus cocktail at Ward III

Method: Muddle rosemary with a couple of dashes of each bitter. Dry shake all ingredients except cinnamon and Laphroaig spritz. Then shake with ice until well-chilled and frothy. Double-strain into chilled coupe. Spritz with Laphroiag. Add 5 drops of Angostura over froth and use a toothpick to connect them into a star pattern, or just swirl. Finish with grated cinnamon.
Krampus is often described as a Germanic winter spirit. Indeed, his name derives from the Old High German word for "claw,"krampen. Krampus is a hairy, scary creature with claws and goat horns. It is said that Krampus accompanies Saint Nicholas (English), Heiliger Nicklaus (German), San Nicola/San Nicolò (Italian) during the darkest of the winter season, beginning with December 5 (Krampusnacht) through Decemeber 25 (Christmas). Krampus threatens to punish or remove the bad children. Krampus is extremely well known in Germany and Austria, but he frequently puts in an appearance in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Scandinavia, Switzerland, and northern Italy (around the area of the Italian Alps), etc. There are those who claim Krampus is a pre-Christian winter spirit from the alps. Others claim he simply evolved within the Austrian holiday traditions.

I've never made this cocktail. It looks like it would be difficult to make and the ingredients suggest it would have a strong bite.

The Night of Krampus, December 5, is associated with lots of people dressed as Krampus wandering the streets, acting as St. Nick's enforcers to children, messing with the teenagers, and enjoying beer. Krampus Riserva Strepponi is a Belgian-style strong pale ale from Italy’s Birrificio Del Ducato.

Wir wünschen Ihnen gerne Krampusnacht!

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