Cleansing Negative Influences

This spell may be performed when you want to ask Aradia to cleanse negative influences from a situation you are in.

Gather seven white, unscented tea candles, a glass chimney candleholder, cone incense burner, seven cones of incense with a scent dedicated to the moon, an image or representation of the Goddess Aradia, and possibly some course salt (preferably sea salt). Also set aside a raw egg in the fridge. Each night, or morning, light one candle in the candleholder, which is set in the kitchen sink. Near the sink, light one cone of incense and place in the incense in front of the representation of the Goddess. Some course salt may be sprinkled around the representation of the Goddess.

Recite the Hail Aradia Prayer (see Farrar-Alexandrian Invocation of Aradia) as the candle and incense burn. Focus on your intention. State clearly what influence you desire to be removed.

Repeat these actions daily until all seven tea candles and all seven cones of incense have been burned. On the seventh day, take the raw egg from the fridge. Pass the raw egg through the incense smoke of the seventh cone. Request that all negative influence in this specific situation be drawn into the egg.

Once all these steps have been completed, sprinkle the course salt in your front yard or just outside your doorstep.

Take the raw egg to a nearby deserted crossroad and smash it in the road. (Obviously, do not ever toss an egg into the middle of moving traffic.) Smashing the egg completes the seven day ritual by disbursing the negative influences away from you.

Myth's Notes

This ritual is adapted, in part, from a Cuban or Santerian cleansing spell involving Saint Claire, and, in part, from a dream I had.

I had been worried about an extremely problematical situation at work, and I fell asleep one night wondering what I could do about it ritually as I'd exhausted every mundane avenue for fixing it.

In my dream, I saw an egg in a hand being moved past my statue of Aradia, which had salt around it on the counter. The egg was passed through the incense smoke. Then the scene changed, as they often do in dreams. I saw the egg being smashed in a crossroad.

On this website, there's another spell: "Old Hungarian Health Spell," in Spellcasting, from Z. Budapest's Holy Book of Women's Mysteries Volume I and II, which uses 13 eggs rubbed over the body of someone who is ill. These eggs are then abandoned, not broken, at a crossroad.

The magical theory involved in this Hungarian healing spell was the concept of transference, that an illness was transferred into the eggs. Since this old Hungarian health spell is on my website, I assumed my hazy dream was simply a very odd reflection of it.

The next evening, however, I was flipping through my copy of Judika Illes' The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells. On page 210, I discovered the Egg Cleansing Spell (5): Invocation to Saint Claire. I was surprised that it was in some ways very similar to my dream.

According to Judika Illes, this Cuban spell is often performed on a Monday and uses a raw egg and a seven day Saint Claire white candle. Judika Illes elaborated, "Commercially manufactured candles dedicated to Saint Claire are available. A white seven day candle may be used, or if these are unavailable, simply burn individual white candles for seven days." (p. 210)

How very curious! Monday is the day of the moon, and white is the color of the moon.

As Judika Illes described the spell, an uncracked raw egg was placed in water for seven days while the white candle or candles burned. Traditionally the prayer to Saint Claire, which can be found on those commercially manufactured Saint Claire candles, was recited, along with "... petition and the visualization of one's desired goals." (Illes p. 210) At the conclusion of seven days, the egg is smashed in a nearby park. "As the egg breaks, your troubles disburse." (Illes, p. 210)

In italics at the bottom of the spell, Illes added, "... this very popular spell has passed into the general magical community; for many the only connection it retains with the saint is its name, although even that may not be recalled. Perform this spell as feels most comfortable for you." (p. 210)

"Curiouser and curiouser," as Alice would say.

I performed the spell as I wrote it out above. I did get an answer to my petition. Without going into tedious details, let's say I found out why the situation was happening, why it had not been solved, and why it wasn't going to be solved. Hence, the only way to remove myself from these particular negative influences was to remove myself from the situation. Let me just add the representation of Aradia does not have to be statue of her. It could be anything that represents her or some of her attributes, such as a large ornamental sea shell, a drawing, a waxing crescent moon, etc.

Crossroads are sacred to Hecate, who is associated with Diana and Aradia in some Wiccan spells.

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