Souvenir from the Holy Land

Catholics journeying to shrines and holy sites often returned with tokens of their pilgrimage. Frequently, these were blessed items, a saint's medal, a cross/crucifix, holy water, holy oil, soil from the area, blessed incense, blessed salt, etc.


This modern "SOUVENIR FROM THE HOLY LAND" contains an olive wood cross, plus the following items in bottles: Holy water from the Jordan River, Holy oil from the Holy Sepulchre Church, Frankincense, "Terra Santa," Earth from the Holy Land. On the bottom of the box is this certificate:

This Is To Certify That This Holy Water Is From The Jordan River And Oil From The Holy Sepulchre Church And Also Earth And Frank Incense Are From The Holy Land.


On the back of the box is a photo of the Holy Sepulchre.

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