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Comparing the Legends of Bois Caiman

Boukman Dutty
Although this picture has been described
as an image of Boukman Dutty, it was actually
the rebel general Biassou (J.-C. Dorsainvil,
Histoire d'Haiti, Henri Deschamps,
Port-au-Prince, 1934 ff, p. 78). Boukman
was beheaded fairly early in the revolution
and no portraits of him survived.

Mater Salvatoris
This image is known as Mater Salvatoris,
the Blessed Virgin Mary as the "Mother of
Our Savior." The Madonna's right hand
points towards her child. This image is
adapted from the Black Madonna of
Czestochowa. It is popularly used to
represent Ezili Dantor. It is sometimes
sold on candles in botanicas under the
name Santa Barbara Africana.

Wonderworking Image>
Imago thaumaturga Beatae Virginis
Mariae Immaculatae Conceptae

(Wonderworking Image Blessed Virgin
Mary of the Immaculate Conception), this
Eastern Orthodox icon, which is a copy of
the famous Our Lady of Czestochowa
(see below), also includes the two marks
on her cheek.

Madonna of Czestochowa
Black Madonna of Czestochowa
The Madonna and Child are
dark-skinned. The Madonna has two
scars on her right cheek from when
Polandís sacred Catholic icon
was damaged.

Neg Mawon Statue
The "Neg Mawon", the Freed Slave, 1968,
by architect and sculptor Albert Mangones,
was erected in honor of these women and men.
The statue is well known in Port-au-Prince.
It stands adjacent to the Palais National in the
Haitian capital. (photo by Bill Bollendorf)

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