Destroy Warts

Take blossoms of the walnut tree, rub the warts with them, and they will soon heal.

Myth's Notes

Warts are caused by a virus in the skin. There are numerous magical methods and home remedies to get rid of the unpleasant lumps, including applying lemon slices, apple-cider vinegar, garlic, dandilion, etc. Warts can also be transfered to trees, knots of string, they can also be washed away, or bought by rubbing them with a penny in the moonlight.

The above cure is not Italian, it's actually a Pennsylvainia Dutch folk cure. However, I've included it because of the association of Diana and the streghe with the Walnut tree of Benevento.

Just so you know where I stand on the issue of wart removal: This past summer (2009), I had a podiatrist remove two plantar warts on the sole of my foot. Though plantar warts are generally harmless, they are frequently very uncomfortable, often giving the sensation of standing or walking on a pebble.

Supposedly plantar warts can occur when HPV virus invades the body through tiny cuts or breaks in the skin on the bottom of the feet. Ususally, the immune system via antibodies in the blood destroy HPV, but in some cases, the virus takes refuge in the skin and causes plantar warts. the The virus often is encountered on contaminated surfaces, such as the tile floors of public locker rooms, showers, and swimming pools.

To hopefully prevent getting plantar warts, try these health tips. a)Avoid walking barefoot whenever possible. b)Keep feet clean and dry. c)Change socks daily. Never ignore growths on, or changes in, your skin--on your feet or anywhere else.

Healing Warts

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