Banana Moon Smoothie

Blend ingredients in blender. Many believe the bananas are sweet enough, so you don't need the Florida crystals or honey. For a less thick smoothie, use one banana.

Myth's Notes

Clearly the above is not an ancient Italian recipe. It's not even a modern Italian recipe. However, in modern Western occultism, there is the concept that white foods belong to the moon. Dion Fortune, in some of her stories, promoted the concept of a moon feast, which consisted entirely of white food. The banana moon smoothie is nothing she ever described as being served, but it fits the bill. Milk products are traditionally associated with the Mother and the Moon. Moon foods also include white, pealed bananas, which vaguely resemble a crescent moon. Hence, this recipe's appearance on this website for Aradia.

Supposedly among certain African tribes, bananas are used to make a fermented drink for a celebration honoring the moon. The moon is a mother and protector of ghosts. In this ritual, the women lighten their skin with clay and squished vegetable juice. The women dance for the Moon to make sure their dead will rest and the tribe will have lots of food and be fruitful. At the end of the dance, they drink the banana drink.

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